Clandon Golf (by Merrow Park and Ride) is a private golf course and the land has been leased from the Onslow Estate for 125 years. When the course was being developed in 2008, a footpath across it (No 582 ) was formally diverted to run round the perimeter. No objections were received when the diversion was advertised and there are now no public rights of way across the course. However, people are still roaming across it and many holes have been cut in the perimeter fences. There is a very obvious danger from flying golf balls and the fences have become an eyesore for residents whose houses face them as the accompanying photos demonstrate.

It is to be hoped that everyone will use the designated footpath around the edge of the course and whoever is cutting the holes in the fences will stop this senseless vandalism.
Please report any further acts of vandalism which you may see to Guildford Police on 101 (