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MRA appreciates the support received through its membership of EGRA. It has been invaluable on a number of occasion being able to work with other neighbouring RAs.

Please see the latest news on "The public consultation on the Secretary of State's proposed amendments to the South East Plan" - available on EGRA's web site.

EGRA meets every 2 months or so to
  • Exchange views and information on matters of common interest. Members are encouraged to support each other, for example on planning applications, where there are principles at stake that affect other RAs

  • Co-operate with each other in tackling major issues affecting the Borough
Some of the issues with which EGRA and its members were involved in 2005 were:
  • Top Issues/Guildford Community Plan – During 2003 and 2004 EGRA had considered the plethora of issues that were included in the Community Plan and focussed on a few key issues that seemed appropriate for its mission. In February 2005 EGRA published a document entitled ‘Top Issues’. This identified eleven issues and provided brief background notes on each. The document was distributed widely within the members of EGRA, to GBC Officers and to Candidates for the County and National elections. The document was welcomed and was considered particularly appropriate in the run up to the elections.

  • Meeting with GBC – In July 2005 an EGRA delegation (Harrold, Kyte, Robson and Rattray) met leading GBC Executive Members and Officers, including Andrew Hodges and David Williams, to discuss some of the Top Issues. A helpful meeting and one which we hope to repeat from time to time, to express the views of RAs to GBC.
    · Residential Design Guide – EGRA was heavily involved with the development of the Supplementary Planning Guidance on Residential Design – that was agreed by the Council in July 2004. This provides much needed support to those who are seeking to balance the urgency of unbridled density against the need to ensure Character and Design are protected. The published version was released at the end of 2004 and EGRA members have been active during 2005 in seeking to ensure that GBC Planning Officers and Members pay heed to its requirements.

  • Very High Density housing – remains a concern of EGRA members. Information is exchanged between EGRA members and support given where appropriate.

  • Housing Targets – GBC has prepared a housing study that demonstrates GBC’s ability to meet the requirements of SCC to build 4750 units between 2001 and 2016. EGRA maintains a watch over this issue as the reserve Green Belt site between Burpham and Clandon remains under threat of development for housing.
  • · South East Plan – SEERA has consulted on the preliminary rounds of the South East Plan. This provides the framework for allocating housing requirements throughout the South East from 2006 to 2026. SCC has been given the task of allocating the Surrey requirement within the county. Early signs are that SEERA recognises that unbridled growth cannot be achieved without fundamental damage to the Character of Surrey – and that a target will be agreed that will not increase the present high level achieved within Guildford and Surrey. EGRA will continue to monitor developments on this crucial plan.

  • Guildford Looking Forward – this consultation by GBC is concerned with planning the town centre. In the course of the next few years there will be a number of major developments that will need to be considered, including - Civic Hall, Bedford Road, Railway station, Bright Hill, Friary, Farnham Road car park. EGRA will endeavour to monitor developments and to keep members advised.
  • · Sustainable Development and Construction – this is a consultation by GBC in which EGRA members have participated – particularly Downsedge, which circulated a helpful commentary to EGRA members.

  • Local Development Framework – this is the successor to the Local Plan. During the year EGRA members were studying the implications of this change and preparing for the emergence of new planning procedures.

31st December 2005