Free bus travel from 9am

Residents aged 60 or over and eligible disabled people who live in Guildford Borough will now be able to travel for free on local buses from 9am from 1 April.

From 1 April 2008 the way free bus travel operates for elderly and disabled residents will change, as the Government's new bus permit scheme comes into effect.

To be eligible for a Guildford Borough Council bus permit applicants must live in the Borough of Guildford and must be aged 60 or over or an eligible disabled person. People living outside the borough must apply to the borough or district council in which they live.

Government funding is supposed to support free bus travel anywhere in the country for eligible residents from 9.30am, but in Guildford Borough Council's case the funding arrangements are such that the council tax payer has to make a significant contribution to achieve this.

Guildford Borough Council and other Surrey districts have decided to fund an enhanced scheme starting from 9am.

From 1 April travel for disabled residents will be free at any time without restriction, and for elderly residents during the week from 9.00am until 11pm and anytime at weekends. Currently the scheme is only for free travel within Surrey.

Please see the following leaflets for:
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For more information visit or call 01483 444823 / 4.