Merrow Community Highways Volunteers.

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“Between the Horseshoes” 24 Jun 2021

Henriette, Magdalena, Jill Hill, Tony Smith, Richard Clark & Steve Grove clipped back the overhanging foliage from the footpath between Horseshoe Lanes East & West.


Epsom Road Foot Path 20 Jun 2021

Henriette and Magdalena Littrup-Fiil chopped back the overhanging foliage from the foot path near the new pedestrian crossing (opposite BP garage).




Merrow Woods Litter Pick 24 April 2021

Ian Anderson, Stephen Rudd, Kelly Rudd, Jessie Rudd, Martha Rudd, Ben Davies, Clare Davies, Niamh Davies, Rosie Davies and Pearl Brown picked the litter from Merrow Woods (near George Abbot School). What a lot of litter!


Trodds Lane “Please Drive Carefully” sign wash 27 April 2021

A25 Litter Pick 23 Feb 2021

During the closure of the A25 between Clandon Park gates and Clandon traffic lights, 7 volunteers litter picked the grass verges along the full length. After 4 hours, we had almost enough car parts to assemble a complete vehicle and over 25 bin bags of rubbish.

Many thanks to Andrew Strawson (chairman MRA), Clive & Virginia Eaton, Stuart, Ian and Shirley.

Surrey County Council promotional video.

Merrow Shops Tidy Up December 2020.

On Wed 09 December, 6 volunteers spent over 3 hours sweeping leaves, removing weeds, picking up litter, and washing signs. Many thanks to Henriette, Richard Clark & Steve Grove.


Trodds Lane Litter Pick March 2020.

During a Trodds Lane road closure, five of our volunteers removed over a dozen bin bags worth of litter from the grass banks along the entire length of the Lane.