MRA GBC ‘Local Plan’

The GBC Local Plan.
MRA has been very active reviewing and commenting on the Local Plan (LP) during its development. The most important aspects of the LP for Merrow are the annual housing number assessment and selection of the sites and their infrastructure needs. To this end, MRA has committed funds for procurement of expert help and has liaised extensively with and through East Guildford Residents Association (EGRA). MRA has also carefully evaluated GBC’s ‘Supplementary Planning Documents’ SPD and submitted critique and comments.
> EGRA – EGRA is an umbrella organisation now covering 12 RAs in the East Guildford area. Since its founding in 2003 EGRA has grown both in the number of member organisations and in the range of issues in which it is involved:
> GBC’s Local Plan pages:
> MRA’s written response to GBC’s Local Plan consultation:
> MRA’s written objection response to Clandon Estate’s 2015 proposal to remove the ‘Clandon Golf Site’ from the Green Belt:
> MRA’s comments on “Climate Change, Sustainable Design, Construction and Energy Supplementary Planning Document (SPD)” March 2020:
> MRA’s comments on the “Strategic Development Framework, Supplementary Planning Document (SPD)” January 2020:

The ‘Guildford Vision Group’
MRA follows and supports this local organisation. These words from their mission clearly describe their objectives: “We want Guildford town centre to be a thriving destination for all its residents and visitors, including a great riverside for all to enjoy. We want to achieve this with a proper plan that respects our heritage and incorporates great public spaces and green areas as well as clean, safe routes for pedestrians and cyclists. The plan must also provide for new homes, offices, shops, services and improved transport connections.”