Environment Officer. Stephen Rudd.

Help prevent air pollution causing Health Issues to our children.

The Thames Basin Heathlands illustrated talk given by Ruth Shelton & Michael Jones from Natural England.

 ‘Merrow Downs: flora, butterflies and conservation’, a talk given by Gillian and Ken Elsom for MRA Autumn Meeting on Zoom, 19/10/2020. View a selection of photographs.

 Rewilding your garden for butterflies,
“I have put together some useful information (references & websites) arising from this meeting for interested MRA members. I have a little Kidney Vetch seed (original source ‘wildflower slope’ on Merrow Downs with permission from the Golf Course) for anyone who lives on chalk in Merrow & who may like to grow it in their garden for Small Blues.”
Gillian Elsom 21/10/2020 

Environment Report Spring 2020
YouTube video of presentation at AGM.

Guildford Environmental Forum Newsletters
At GEF we are convinced that massive changes are needed in our future priorities. We need to agree on a much healthier and more sustainable way of life.

Clean Air Research
University of Surrey: To realise our collaborative global vision of ‘clean air for all’ by understanding the impact of air pollutants on life quality, developing internationally-validated engineering-driven solutions and underpinning regulatory strategies.

Wildlife in Merrow
Recent images of wildlife in Merrow. Please submit your photographs.