Merrow Community Highways Volunteers.

The village of Merrow provides a gateway to the beautiful Surrey Hills.
Merrow Community Highways Volunteers try hard to:
keep the area looking neat and attractive and
avoid an otherwise litter strewn introduction to an area of outstanding natural beauty.

Please contact Stuart, Ian or Dave at if you would like to help and join our list of volunteers.

April 2024

Many thanks to Stuart Letts for washing the “Please Drive Carefully” signs on Trodds Lane and the 30 mph speed signs.

March 2024

Two volunteers litter picked the A25 between Clandon Park gates roundabout and the traffic lights at Clandon cross roads. Over a dozen bin bags of rubbish was collected – all of it must have been thrown from passing vehicles. Why do some people treat our environment like this?

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October 2023

Thanks to Ian Anderson for organising the Trodds Lane Litter Pick, whilst the lane was closed to traffic. (Due new 40 mph signage was being installed). Besides the usual trash and litter thrown from vehicle windows, someone had fly tipped about 20 large vegetable oil containers! 

Ian, Magdalena Littrup-Fiil, Tony Smith and Jill Hill with half of what they had collected.

Thanks to Clive and Virginia Eaton and Richard Clarke for tidying up around the benches opposite the Horse & Groom and to Shirley for litter picking the footpaths from the roundabout by the “Golden Gates” to the shops.


June 2023 Trodds Lane foot path clearance

Many thanks to Sandra Rayner, Mark, Charlotte and Chloe for clearing the overhanging branches, brambles and fallen tree debris from Trodds Lane footpath. They filled three builders bags!

June 2023 Benches opposite Horse & Groom

Trodds Lane Jan 2023

Merrow Street Oct 2022


Thanks to Nick, Dave, Sue, Nigel, Susan, Virginia, Jill, Magdalena, Christian, Helen, Liz, Dave, Sue and Tony – 5 dumpy bags of green waste were cut from the verges. Enough foliage was left to provide ground cover for wildlife.

Footpath / cycle track opposite Clandon Park Gates, Aug 2022

Stuart & Dave cleared overhanging branches from the footpath / cycle crossing.



Tree root removal (trip hazard) from footpath between Tennis courts / Cricket pitch and Swaynes Lane, June 2022 

Stuart & Dave dug up the offending tree roots.
Roots before removal;
Path way after removal

Epsom Road benches opposite Horse and Groom 12 April 2022

Henriette, Shirley and Dave cleared the debris from around the benches.

Trodds Lane 30 March 2022

Stuart, Ian, Dave & Shirley removed over a dozen wheel barrows full of tree debris after storms Corrie, Dudley, Eunice and Franklin had littered Trodds Lane’s grass verges.

Before leaf clearance in early April Result late May

Footpath between Hareward Road and open space 21 Aug 2021

Clive & Virginia, Caroline Kissin, Liz Mulgrew and Deborah Seabrook clipped back the overhanging thorns and foliage from the footpath between Harewood Road (near Ringmore Drive) and the open space to the South. Two large builder’s bags of foliage were collected and removed. Thanks to neighbour Sue Rooke for the coffee refreshments.

Between the Horse Shoes June 24 2021

Henriette, Magdalena, Jill Hill, Tony Smith, Richard Clark and Steve Grove cleared the footpath between Horseshoe Lanes East and West

Epsom Road Footpath June 20 2021

Henriette and Magdalena cut back the overhanging foliage from the footpath near the new pedestrian crossing opposite Merrow shops

Merrow Woods Litter Pick 24 April 2021

Ian Anderson, Stephen Rudd, Kelly Rudd, Jessie Rudd, Martha Rudd, Ben Davies, Clare Davies, Niamh Davies, Rosie Davies and Pearl Brown picked the litter from Merrow Woods (near George Abbot School). What a lot of litter!

Trodds Lane “Please Drive Carefully” sign wash 27 April 2021

A25 Litter Pick 23 Feb 2021

During the closure of the A25 between Clandon Park gates and Clandon traffic lights, 7 volunteers litter picked the grass verges along the full length. After 4 hours, we had almost enough car parts to assemble a complete vehicle and over 25 bin bags of rubbish.

Many thanks to Andrew Strawson (chairman MRA), Clive & Virginia Eaton, Stuart, Ian and Shirley.

Surrey County Council promotional video.

Merrow Shops Tidy Up December 2020.

On Wed 09 December, 6 volunteers spent over 3 hours sweeping leaves, removing weeds, picking up litter, and washing signs. Many thanks to Henriette, Richard Clark & Steve Grove.

Trodds Lane Litter Pick March 2020.

During a Trodds Lane road closure, five of our volunteers removed over a dozen bin bags worth of litter from the grass banks along the entire length of the Lane.