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(Oct 2021) Guildford in Bloom Bronze award

Surrey Police Publications

Link to Friend’s of St John’s Church virtual tour of Merrow War Memorial

(Sept 2021) Deborah Seabrook – Merrow Ward Councillor Surgeries for Merrow Residents

(Sept 2021) Guildford Environmental Forum events in the next 2 weeks and Great Big Green Week

(Aug 2021) Clearance of footpath between Hareward Road and open space to the South

(July 2021) Copy of email from North Guildford Food Bank

(June 2021) Clearance of 2 footpaths on the Epsom Road
Swift boxes installed across Merrow

(May 2021) Successful saving of Pewley Down Fields

(19 May 2021) Removal of invasive Perfoliate Alexanders from Brown Down (to West of Guildford Golf Club)

(May 2021) Addition of “Merrow Life” to top menu

(April 2021) Merrow Woods Litter Pick

(April 2021) On-line Organ Recital 14th April 2021

(March 2021) Guildford in Bloom 2021

(Feb 2021) The Thames Basin Heathlands illustrated talk given by Ruth Shelton & Michael Jones from Natural England available on Youtube

(Dec 2020) Help prevent air pollution causing Health Issues to our children

(Dec 2020) Community Highways Volunteers local tidy up Dec 2020

(Nov 2020) Patrick Robson
Patrick Robson was an active member of the MRA having served as both Chairman and Vice-Chairman died at home on the 31st October 2020 after a long debilitating illness

(Oct 2020) Autumn Meeting 2020 – Gillian & Ken Elsom have put together some useful information (references & websites) arising from this meeting for interested MRA members

(Oct 2020) Consultation on White Paper ‘Planning for the Future’
MRA’s response to the White Paper “Planning for the Future” 28 Oct 2020

(Oct 2020) New car parking restrictions in Hareward Road & Merrow Street