Introducing your community voice.

• We are a voluntary association that has worked to preserve the identity of Merrow, its community and history for over 50 years.

• We represent local views on many issues that affect Merrow’s residents including planning applications, local amenities and services. We also combine efforts with other organisations to protect our environment.

• We keep members informed of local issues via newsletters, e-mails and website updates, and each year hold two social evenings with guest speakers. We are also keen to hear your concerns and views.

• We welcome new members from all over Merrow, especially those from
Boxgrove, Bushy Hill and Merrow Park where we are under-represented.
Increasing our membership will make our community voice stronger.




Executive Committee 2021-2022           

 Chair Andrew Strawson
 Vice-Chair Vacant
 Treasurer Dave Smith
 Secretary Henriette Whitehead-van Prooije
 Environment Officer Stephen Rudd
 Membership Secretary Claire Rymell
 Publicity Officer Vacant
 Committee Members Gordon Farquharson, Chris Holliday, Keith Meldrum, Lorna Seymour, John Pitkin, Denise Hilton, Clare McVicker
 Webmaster Dave Smith