As amended at AGM 22nd March 2021

1   NAME
The name of the Association shall be ‘Merrow Residents’ Association’.
The objects of the Association shall be to:
2.1 stimulate and promote interest in Regional and Local Planning among the people of Merrow who live or carry on a business in the area as defined in the Appendix;
2.2 study the history and development of Merrow and, where relevant, adjacent areas and establish how population, industry, commerce, use of land, communications and transport, public utility services, housing, social services and other relevant factors affect Merrow;
2.3 study structural Regional and Local planning principles and policies and consider how they might be applied most effectively to the Merrow area;
2.4 consider what additional social amenities, cultural and other facilities could be provided in Merrow for the benefit of its residents;
2.5 make representations to relevant authorities In the event of planning proposals being made for Merrow or adjacent areas which are considered to be opposed to good planning principles or adversely affect the Interests of Merrow;
2.6 do all things necessary and expedient to further the above objects.
3.1 Members
Membership of the Association shall be open to all those residing or having a registered place of business in Merrow.  Such membership shall be subject to payment of an annual subscription determined in accordance with Rule 8.3.  All Members shall be eligible to vote at General Meetings.
3.2 Associate Members
Individuals who are non-resident in Merrow may become Associate Members by paying the annual subscription and shall be entitled to vote at General Meetings but not to serve on the Executive Committee.
3.3 Refusal/Cancellation of Membership
The Executive Committee shall have the right to refuse membership of the Association or cancel the membership of any individual where, in the Committee’s absolute discretion, it considers circumstances warrant such action.
3.4 Honorary Members
At the discretion of the Committee, any person whom the Committee may consider worthy and deserving may be appointed as an Honorary Member and shall be entitled to vote at General Meetings but not to serve on the Executive Committee.                                              
The offices of the Association shall be at such premises as shall be agreed by the Committee.
5.1 Officers & Ordinary members
The direction of the Association shall be entrusted to an Executive Committee consisting of eight Officers:-
Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Honorary Treasurer, Honorary Secretary
Membership Secretary, Environment Officer, Publicity Officer and Webmaster
and not more than eight Ordinary members.
The Officers shall be elected for one year and shall be eligible for re-election annually except in the case of the Chairman who shall be elected for three years but shall be eligible for re-election for the same office for not more than two further consecutive years.
Ordinary members shall be elected for three years. From the end of that period, after an interval of one year, they shall be eligible for re-election.
5.2  Chairman
The Chairman or, in his or her absence, the Vice Chairman, shall preside at all meetings of the Committee.
In the absence of both the Chairman and the Vice Chairman the members present shall choose one of their number to preside.
5.3  Co-opted members
The Committee may co-opt persons (who need not be members of the Association) as advisory members of the Committee.  
Such co-option may be terminated as and when the Committee or the co-opted member may so decide. Co-opted members shall be eligible to vote at any meeting.
5.4 Filling casual vacancies
Any office not filled at an Annual General Meeting shall be deemed to have a casual vacancy.
The Committee may invite members of the Association to fill casual vacancies as and when they arise during the year.   Persons who fill such vacancies may do so only until the next Annual General Meeting when they must be formally nominated and elected to continue as members of the Committee. Their time on the Committee shall count from the date of that formal election.   Those filling casual vacancies shall be eligible to vote at any meeting.
5.5  Quorum
The quorum for Committee meetings shall be a total of five Committee members which includes co-opted members.
5.6  Equal votes
In the event of an equal vote on any matter the Chairman, in addition to his or her deliberative vote, shall have a casting vote.
5.7  Sub Committees
The Committee may appoint Sub Committees of members and non-members of the Association to carry out specific tasks relating to the needs of the Association.    All proceedings and actions of such Sub Committees shall be reported to and confirmed by the Executive Committee.   The Chairman shall be a member, ex officio, of all Sub Committees and be entitled, where he or she considers it appropriate, to attend their meetings.
5.8  Notice of meetings
Committee members shall be given not less than seven days’ notice of any Committee meeting.
5.9  Resignations
Committee members wishing to resign shall, where possible, give at least one month’s notice of their intention to do so.
6.1   Chairman
The Chairman of the Association or, in his or her absence, the Vice Chairman shall preside.  If neither is present the persons present shall, before any business is transacted, appoint a Chairman for the Meeting.
6.2   Equal votes
In the event of an equal vote on any matter the Chairman of the Meeting, in addition to his or her deliberative vote, shall have a casting vote.
6.3  Quorum
The quorum shall be not less than five Officers and Ordinary members of the Executive Committee and not less than ten other full members of the Association.
6.4  Notice of Meetings
Members of the Association shall be given not less than fourteen days’ notice of any General Meeting.
6.5  Notice for items for discussion
Details of items for discussion must be received by the Honorary Secretary not less than fourteen days before any Meeting.
6.6 Annual General Meetings:
The Annual General Meeting shall be held within four calendar months of the end of the financial year to receive the annual report and audited accounts; elect the Officers and Ordinary members of the Executive Committee; appoint on Voluntary Independent Examiner for the coming  year; deal with any other matters of which due notice has been given.
 6.7 Extraordinary General Meetings
 An Extraordinary General Meeting may be convened at the direction of the Executive Committee or at the request in writing to the Honorary Secretary of any 25 members of the Association.
The Meeting must be held within 30 days of such direction or request.
 7.1 When held
 All elections, other than those conducted by the Executive Committee to co-opt persons on to the Executive Committee and to fill  casual vacancies, shall take place at the Annual General Meeting.
 7.2 Notice for Nominations
Nominations for election must be received by the Honorary Secretary not less than seven days before the Meeting showing the names of the proposer and seconder  and indicating the assent of the person being proposed.
 7.3 Equal votes
 When two or more persons are nominated to fill one vacancy and an equal vote arises then further votes shall be taken until a clear majority results.
 8.1 Accounts
 The Executive Committee shall cause proper accounts to be kept of the assets and transactions of the Association and arrange for them to be examined at least once per year by a Voluntary Independent Examiner appointed at the Annual General Meeting.
 A Member of the Association shall not be precluded from being duly appointed as such Voluntary Independent Examiner.
 8.2 Financial year                    
 The financial year shall begin on 1 January.
 8.3 Subscriptions due
 Subscriptions shall be set each year by the Committee and shall become due on 1 January in each year.
 8.4 Bank and other Accounts
There shall be one or more accounts in the name of ‘Merrow Residents’ Association’ at a bank or banks or other financial institutions as the Committee shall from time to time decide.
 8.5 Signing cheques
The Honorary Treasurer shall have the authority to sign cheques to the value of up to and including £400. Cheques in excess of £400 shall require two signatures, being that of the Honorary Treasurer together with any one of the following: Chairman, Vice Chairman or Honorary Secretary.
 8.6 Account books available for examination
The account books shall be made available for examination on reasonable request by any member of the Association.
10.1 Alterations to the Constitution must receive the assent of not less than two-thirds of the members of the Association present and voting at a General Meeting.
10.2 Notice of the proposed alterations must be received by the Honorary Secretary not less than twenty-eight days before the Meeting.

The Association may be dissolved at any time by a Resolution passed by a two-thirds majority of those present and voting at an Extraordinary General Meeting convened for the purpose.  If the Resolution is passed the property and assets of the Association shall be applied to such charitable organisations as agreed at the General Meeting.

Boxgrove Road to Clandon Park western boundary along south side of the railway line;
Railway line to Clandon Park gates at the end of Park Lone along Clandon Park western boundary;
Clandon Park gates eastwards along Epsom Road for ¾ mile to the Merrow Ward boundary at the former quarry on south side of main road;
Approximately south from the former quarry to triangulation point at south end of golf course near 7th green;
Approximately WSW from triangulation point to White Lane;    Along White Lane, not including houses on the south side, to One Tree Hill Road;   
One Tree Hill Road at junction with White Lane to junction with Warren Road and Downside Road, not including houses on west side of One Tree Hill Road;
Junction of Warren Road, Downside Road and One Tree Hill Road to the top of Down Road, along boundary of Merrow Downs with gardens of houses in Warren Rood, The Ridgeway and Gateways and the site of the former offices of the M.A.F.F;  
South end of Down Road to Epsom Road, including houses on both. sides of Down Road;
North end of Down Road to Boxgrove Road traffic lights;
Boxgrove Road traffic lights north to railway bridge not including those houses on the west side of Boxgrove Road.